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To Our Dad, STEVE TILMON....
Comments From Dad (Steve)
Comments From Dad (Steve)
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From: Jordyn, Deyon and Orlando



To All Involved:
I thank you for the time and effort put into a very special and rare Christmas gift that most people  probably won't ever get in 10 lifetimes--Candie (my mother-in-law who designed this website for my children), Leslie (my wife), Orlando (my first born), Deyon (my second born), Jordyn (my baby girl), and Momz (Janyce who provided some of the family photos). To my children, I know your grandfather would love the three of you as much as I do because the experience of being a grandparent is a significant milestone in one's life. I'll never forget this.  Thanks again.
Dad (Steven)
P.S. I couldn't pass this one up, but to that fool who suggested this might be a fraudulent website, you can keep on hatin' because that's the type of message and attitude that makes people like me that much stronger. Peace. The True Detroit Emerald's (Abrim) Son

Dad (Steve) Looking At This Website On Christmas Day (2003)


Do You Remember Dancin' To The Sounds Of The Detroit Emeralds? 
Background Music:
'You Want It, You Got It'
Recorded by: Abrim Tilmon & The Detroit Emeralds.